THE WELL PLACE; your resource for health and wellbeing

In 2011 the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation reached age 65, by 2030 more than 70 million Americans will be 65 and older.  Many will live with chronic conditions that may impact mobility and freedom: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Arthritis and others. How prepared are communities across America to accommodate the needs of the oncoming wave of mature adults? What initiatives are taking place in the community to address this maturing of America? What are you doing to adapt to this change?

THE WELL PLACE™is a grass roots program that encourages people to take action for their own happiness and health. Your sponsorship can enable your employees and customers to take action on their terms. This is a visible way of supporting the N.E. Minneapolis community. Our goal is to reveal the many resources available and to serve this community locally. Why?  We believe reducing the projected numbers of people living with chronic conditions requires making lifestyle choices based on personal values.  Healthier, happier people have a direct influence on community vitality.  Ask yourself how you support a wellness culture; helping people through your services and/or products, achieve lasting goals, eventually shifting to a healthier culture.

THE WELL PLACEis designed to inspire the residents in our communities to consider their wellness goals and options based on the things they value the most; like enjoying what makes them happy. This is a wellness model where participants find support and take action by linking directly to the businesses and resources in the community - a live resource directory.

“We are delighted to have this program currently underway at Catholic Eldercare, N.E. Minneapolis for our employees, families and volunteers.”  Dan Johnson, CEO.

THE WELL PLACE is transforming communities to be not only places in which its members live and work, but also an environment that fosters healthy living through all stages of life.  Our goal is to provide a cooperatively owned, uniquely designed center with amenities, right here in our neighborhood, where wellness and health professionals assist members in the community to reach their own goals with live resources and real solutions.