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THE WELL PLACEwill be adding a physical place in your community - a membership-based, neighborhood wellness hub.

THE WELL PLACE locations will welcome members to practice and experience THE WELL PLACE services in a place that feels like home.

  • Relax, Rehab or Refresh in a warm water Pool
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques
  • Practice Pain Management
  • Learn Falls Risk Reduction Strategies*
  • Experience Wellness Coaching & Spiritual Direction*
  • Learn to Prepare Delicious & Nutritious Snacks and Meals*
  • Connect with your therapy provider on site*
  • Personal Training, Pilates, Tai Chi Chih, and more*.
  • Massage Therapy/Body Work*
  • Read, watch and listen to new, traditional and old favorites at TWP library & theater.
  • Learn about vetted Home Care Services for safety and well-being*.
  • Camping/nature getaways.
  • Experience the gifts of art and music.
  • Connect with Community.

* Service providers considered upon approval.

Every community needs THE WELL PLACE.

Community Partners and Resources are being contacted to share in this important initiative. Join TWPOA today!

  • Sometimes life hits and we need a variety of convenient health and wellness resources that are professional, caring and close to home.
  • Watch for your neighboring organizations, businesses, and service providers on the list of TWPOA; we are gathering more daily.

Community sponsors and resources are a foundation of THE WELL PLACE.

THE WELL PLACE Volunteer Network

  • Allows you to receive support.
  • A place where you can work toward achieving your goals.
  • Help others too.

If you are interested in becoming a member of TWPOA or Volunteer and/or are interested in the THE WELL PLACE at Work Cultural Wellness Program, contact us at concierge@thewellplace.net.