"No time to rub 2 minutes together!"

My Irish Mother, Bonnie, is a strong force in the world and is constantly in motion; volunteering, doing service work, helping anyone in need.  If she sits down to rest, she usually dozes off within the first 30 seconds, referring to them as her 'little cat naps'.  My niece recently got married in Chicago, and Grandma danced the night away in her silver sequin, platform tennis shoes! She literally danced almost every dance.

Pick 'em up and set 'em down!!  Let's go! Let's move!  These were the words that led us through our childhood and now carry her in her later years.  Grandma, to 27 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild (soon to be 2 great grandkids and 28 grandkids this October!) has lived a life true to her beliefs, a woman before her time.  Recycling soup cans, newspapers and volunteering at the local food co-op in the 1960's, nursing most of her 8 children, even though most medical professionals were strongly suggesting formula.  Antibiotics were rare in our medicine cabinet, wheat germ garnished our cereal and Prevention Magazines came monthly.  Thanks Mom for teaching us by your example.

Today, she wows her medical doctors and prides herself on being prescribed no medications other than her homeopathy pellets and arnica gel for bumps and occasional sore muscles.  A member from our Parish describes her as 'a determined sort of gal'.  What a perfect description of her; she is very active in the community and sits on a number of committees and boards, usually as president. Her energy and ability to make waves keeps everyone on their toes! 

We all have a different balance point.  For my Mom, it is keep moving and stay involved. She begins most every day with morning Mass and a cup of tea. Then she hops behind the wheel and blazes her course.  Pick 'em up and set 'em down!  Whether she's off to Michigan, Chicago, Italy, Jerusalem or Hawaii, she is always up for traveling and jumping on board; places to go, people to see!  

What makes you feel alive and energized?  How do you balance your busyness with rest and relaxation:  Prayer, meditation, journaling, nature, travel, a good chat?  These days, our fast paced world combined with demands to stay connected; on the World Wide Web, with family and friends, your community and work obligations, all bring us to one common denominator. Taking care of you first is essential! I have learned from experience that when I get to a point where there is no time for rubbing 2 minutes together, I step away, take a deep breath and re-arrange. The Well Place is where you make a plan to keep yourself flourishing, at peace, and able to make time for people and Favorite Things in your life.